Playing Actros the IAA World Premier

Flaunting it on street is nevertheless the best way to be done first. But it was not made a luxury car but a commercial vehicle. And in order for it to sale, it needs to be showcased in auto shows. Fortunately today, it is the International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) which has become the avenue for Mercedes-Benz’s launching of the new construction Mercedes-Benz Actros – a construction heavy duty truck that is simply extraordinary.

Mercedes-Benz celebrates its world premier of their construction truck in the IAA held at Hanover, Germany. In an 11, 500 sq. m. floor area of the combine exhibition hall number 14 and 15, there will be no doubt that there are 53 buses, trucks, vans, and special vehicles being shown in the said place. Actros, on the part of Mercedes, is the center of attraction with the innovations of features incorporated in the truck. Of course other vehicles from the same said company also premiers in the show such as the Axor Bluetec Hybrid, Travego, and Econic Bluetec Hybrid. Mercedes-Benz Travego is known for it having an Active Brake Assist system.

Basically, the Mercedes-Benz Actros that is in the show is an improved older version. With all the best qualities retained and several improvements on some of the features of the truck. Primarily, the designed has so far evolved to a new look but still bears the old muscular, heavy duty forward appearance of the original Actros – still portrays leadership in the field of trucks. The engine and the radiator are added with a better protection which is a 4 mm metal guard plate. A shrouded mirror is added giving it a more compact design while leaving the driving lesser blind spots. Other protections on the fuel tank, ergonomic cockpit design, and electronic sensors are notable too in the new construction Mercedes-Benz Actros.

There are 3 Actros on display at the IAA; the Actros 1841 AK dump truck, Actros 2646 LK  6×4, and Actros 4148 AK 8×4/4.