Relaxing In Luxury In Volvo S80 and Volvo XC90

For the 2009 model year, Volvo has made sure that two of its vehicles are aptly upgraded and would stand out among all other cars in the market. What it did was it gave new features to its Volvo S80 Executive unit and its Volvo XC90 Executive. And all the features that were added would all add up to the luxury of the rides.

One of the changes that you would find in these two vehicles are given to the front seats. The front seats have been made to give you massages and are well-ventilated. With that, you can expect that your ride would surely be relaxing and comfortable. The seats have also been given new materials so as to enhance its look and the comfort that they give.

According to Volvo, they gave the vehicles such features because they would want consumers to really love riding in it. They made sure that the vehicles give those who ride in it not only comfort but also the benefit of having great aesthetics. The company also did disclose that the massage feature that the vehicles have are actually because of five pockets which are inflatable. These have been put in the front seats. When turned on, these get some air in and then are drained so as to give you the massage that you want or need. They can also be adjusted so much so that if you need a slower massage, then you would be able to have just that over here.

Of course, with the new ventilation system given to the front seats of the vehicles, you would be able to have a great feeling while riding inside these two vehicles. See, you would not be able to experience heat when riding for long hours. In fact, you would feel constantly fresh that you would not even notice that you have been sitting down for quite some time already.