The Production Version Of The Ford Transit Connect SportVan

It was during the Commercial Vehicle Show which was held at the NEC in Birmingham that the Ford Motor Company got to show off the new Ford Transit Connect SportVan’s production version. And that event actually is the debut of the ride not only in the local industry but in the entire auto industry.

Steve Kimber is the director for commercial vehicles for Ford’s Britain arm. On the debut of the Ford Transit Connect SportVan, he was able to say that when they first sent out the Connect Sport concept vehicle which they did during the CV Show last year, they sincerely did not have any doubt that the ride would certainly be something that the market would embrace. He also said that because of that, they had seen that if they brought the mentioned concept to their manufacturing facilities and made it into a production vehicle, there certainly would be a good demand for the ride.

And that is the very reason why the Ford Transit Connect SportVan is available in the market today. Kimber also did continue that they had sent out just around 300 models for the market. After all, they would want to see how people would react now that the Ford Transit Connect SportVan is already a production vehicle. But the company is not having any doubts about the ride for they believe that since they made sure that the Ford Transit Connect SportVan has been given a good amount of style, consumers would have to go for it for only a few in its class come with style.

You would find out that the Ford Transit Connect SportVan has quite a number of styles and features that would make most owners really happen to have one. And the list includes bumpers that are in the same shade as the body, a really cool grille as well as a spoiler that is in the same shade as the roof.