Le Mans Is The Ford Ranger Look

You do love the Ford Ranger. You have been saving much to be able to own one. However, one of the problems that you do have with this ride is the fact that it is too plain for you. You want something that spells out muscle and you want something that spells out power. So far, the only designs that you have seen only spell out “boring”.

Now your luck is changing and the wheels are really turning. Well, figuratively. See, in Britain, you would not be able to see the Ford Ranger bearing the design that is very much known as Le Mans. What is this Le Mans design, you now ask? Well, this means that the Ford Ranger Wildtrak would be coming in a Performance Blue shade and it would be having the Le Mans style which is made up of those white stripes. You know. Just like those Le Mans racing cars. And that is going to be found now in the Ford Ranger. Just so you know though, the Ford Ranger is not the only Ford vehicle to sport such stripes. The Ford Focus ST as well as the Ford Fiesta ST also do have special models which have these stripes.

Steve Kimber is the commercial vehicles director for Ford’s arm in Britain. On the Ford Ranger, he said that as per last year, the company has been able to sell 7600 units of the ride. The statistics are slowly going up for the Ranger and is now taking 20% of the company’s whole market share. Now with the Le Mans style available, Kimber is quite sure that with that, the numbers are going to be soaring even higher. He also did continue that Performance Blue has been one of the most favorite colors for the Ford Ranger and add those stripes, it is indeed going to be one of the things that you would know the outcome.