Mercedes Benz Launched CL 500 4MATIC

Since this year’s summer, the luxury car maker Mercedes Benz has sent out to the auto industry the Mercedes Benz CL 500 4MATIC which has been made into something different. Of course, this one would be just like those units under the Mercedes Benz CL class which are coupes. However, what is different about the Mercedes Benz CL 500 4MATIC is that it would be coming as an all wheel drive which is a very first in this elegant class.

For power, the Mercedes Benz CL 500 4MATIC comes with a V8 engine which is very much capable of spewing 286 KW and 388 horsepower. Aside from that, the ride has also been given the Intelligent Light System for a better drive for the driver. Safety has also not been neglected for Mercedes Benz has put in the PRE-SAFE system as a standard feature. Now this one is actually a good protection system for all occupants of the vehicle.

According to the car maker themselves, the Mercedes Benz CL 500 4MATIC is an active ride so much so that the driver does not need to have a quick response during dire cases when driving. In fact, when there are bad driving conditions or weather conditions, the vehicle’s systems would be working double time so as to keep everybody safe. In that way, it is very much assured that a drive would be done safer.

Another important feature found on the Mercedes Benz CL 500 4MATIC is the Electronic Stability Program which is also known as ESP. Also, you would find that Mercedes Benz has given the ride the 4ETS which is a good traction system. This one puts a brake on the wheels if it is needed. And that gives the wheels good grip with torque. Indeed, this ride is something to own.