Earth’s New Friend─ Renault Clio Sport Tourer

Environmental and health hazards are always the issue when it comes to auto usage. The reason is that exhaust from the auto’s exhaust system contains harmful gases like hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, which are harmful once inhaled. Aside from that, there are also greenhouse gasses from auto that contribute in the ozone depletion. To address those issues, auto manufacturers equip their products with several components to reduce emission. Thus, Renault Clio Sport Tourer is an exception. Exception, why? Isn’t it an auto?

Renault Clio Sport Tourer is also classified as an auto. However, due to its eco2-credentials, it makes an exception. In fact, it achieved success in view of its fuel economy during the 411 miles event. It specifically showed 27 % improvement during the Clio Sport Tourer, Fleet World magazine’s MPG Marathon. During the marathon, 39 autos tried to prove their ‘green’ capabilities. It is actually a round trip from Bristol to Macclesfield. Of course, Renault entered said marathon with its Clio Sport Tourer dCi 86 driven by Richard Bremner (Editor,, and David Ward (Motoring Editor, Essex Chronicle).

Renault Clio Sport Tourer has focus on leisure pursuits. It has angled rear screen, and with a length of 4,200mm. It is offered with three petrol and two diesel engines. Four among the five choices available are Renault eco2 autos. Eco2 because they met strict guidelines with less than 140g/kg emission, 95 % recyclable, and manufactured at certified to ISO 14001 plants. When it comes to engine range line-up, it includes 1.2 TCe 100 petrol engine. It can provide torque for 1.6 VVT 111 engine. It has the power of 1.4 16V and emissions of 1.2 16V 75. Lastly, its dCi engine has CO2 emissions of only 117 g/km with combined mpg of 64.2.

Aside form given specifications, Clio’s Dynamique trim ensures match in its interior and exterior sporty looks. Thus, with Clio Sport Tourer tour in an eco-friendly way!