Hold your Breath for Renault Megane’s Coupe

The new Heart of racing game’s physics was discovered. Brace yourself up as the Heroic Driving Engine delivers breathtaking driving sensations. !4 years ago, racing games has never brought the real street-racing emotions until the discovery of Renault Megane Coupe.

Renault and Electronic Arts (the world’s leading video game publisher) working together for almost a year have brought varied worlds together around a common compassion─ cars. The new Megane Coupe can be driven by players as they dart through speed ways. Aside from that, it can be driven when chasing rivals in high-speed action along more than 80 miles road in the tri-city bay area. It shares tarmac with Audi R8, BMW M6, and Porsche GT2. Megane Coupe will be making a UK show debut at MPH Show. It is considered as part of the tie up. Its aggressive design will be exhibited along with the need for speed undercover.

Renault Megane Coupe is produced by Renault, a French automaker since 1995. It belongs to a small family car, which offers 3-door and 5-door hatchback. In addition, it is a saloon coupe, it is convertible, and with station wagon body styles. This is a result of information given by Renault in view of the need for speed integration. In fact, it is included in the world’s most beautiful cars. Finally, the result is a prodigious realism in terms of graphics, handling, and power. Thus, it is the ‘virtual reality’. By January 2009, UK streets will be hit by the real world version of the new Renault Megane Coupe.

From video game into reality─ this is the history of Renault Megane Coupe. It continuously brings excitement into the virtual racing. How about if it’s in the real world? So, watch out as it hit the highway in the near future or as early as January next year!