The Earth Friendly Car

BMW is the only vehicle manufacturer who will be going to deploy 500 electric cars to be used in public highways of few major cities. The Mini E is the electic version  of the Mini Cooper.

Mini’s parent company, BMW claims the Mini E will have a range of 150 miles running on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. BMW has been working in a joint project with Mercedes-Benz on developing lithium-ion batteries, along with battery and tire manufacturer Continental. It has a 204 horsepower electric motor also puts out 162 pound-feet of torque with juice being supplied by advanced lithium ion battery tech. The lithium-ion battery pack is made up of 5,088 cells grouped in 48 modules. The modules are packaged into three battery elements. Maximum capacity is 35 kilowatt hours with transmission to the electric motor at a nominal 380 volts. Charge time is expected to be about 8 hours with a range of about 150 miles on a charge. To recharge the batteries, a wallbox will come with every unit to be installed in the owner’s garage. BMW will require wallboxes to be located in locked garages or secure facilities.

The Mini-E also has standard fare package of energy recapturing technologies, such as regenerative braking. Regenerative braking will be a major factor in expanding the Mini E’s range, up to twenty percent in urban driving. As soon as the driver’s foot is lifted from the accelerator, the motor begins functioning as a generator, thus producing braking force. In city driving, as much as 75 percent of barking can come from the generator. The resulted braking force, and the power from the kinetic energy is returned to the battery.

Save yourself from increasing prices of gas and protect the environment in your own ways. This is now the dawn of electric vehicles for a cleaner environment due to zero emission.