The Truck of 2009

It’s been years since Ford started to top honors for its vehicles. F-150 is the start of 12th generation of F-150 It has a total reconfiguration on its engine, interior and exterior. Ford’s line of trucks has created recognition of Texas Auto Writers Association and the only manufacturer given a title of “Truck of Texas” for the 2009 F-150. Texas Auto Writers Association is composed of toughest truck critics that specialized in knowing how a customer uses his truck for many purposes.

F150 is now available at the market. The truck has many new features that other truck companies are still catching up to add new features on their trucks. Some of these features include the integrated backup camera mounted inside the Ford symbol on the tailgate of the truck. The rear of the truck also offers a Cargo Organizer, a Stowable Bed Extender, a Box Sidestep, and a bed liner that surpasses military grade protective coating. The front of the truck features a redesigned grill that makes this truck look rugged which truck enthusiasts really love to see. The headlights have also been redesigned that add to the rugged look.

Fuel efficiency has been improved along with the EasyFuel Capless Fuel-Filler System, which takes away that annoyance of unscrewing that messy gas cap. With spring loaded tabs, refueling is not only easier to do, it is also helps reduce evaporative emissions, and therefore helps the environment.

V6 is now obsolete. The new F-150 has a V8 engine. V8 has two different versions, one having 2-valve cylinders, and the other having 3-valve cylinders. Also available is the 5.4 liter V8, fit with 3 valves per cylinder. F-150 is perfect for commercial users and heavy haulers. It has towing capability of 11,300 pounds and hauling capacity of 3,030 pounds.

It may even claim its title for the “Truck of 2009”. Prestige and elegance with a rugged look.