Bring Back The Past With The 2015 Model T

Ford Model T set the automobile into popularity in the early 90’s. The car was produced between 1908 through 1927. It was regarded as the first affordable automobile and the vehicle that hit American streets. This year it celebrated its 100th year of its birth to the automobile industry.

Recently, Ford Motor Company held a four-month competition participated by five universities that came from different parts of the world to create an innovative concept of a vehicle for the 21st century. The Institute of Automotive Engineering from Aachen University, Germany won the challenge. They bring home $25,000 worth of scholarship funds for constructing an innovative idea that made the spirit of the Ford Model T.

Eight students and engineers build up the core team. They developed a design based on the requirements set by Ford. The vehicle had to be made simple. They should also consider the weight of the vehicle; it should be light. The car should offer a range of at least 200 kilometers and be able to carry a minimum of two passengers. Above all, the price target should not exceed $7,000.

The team constructed a vehicle capable of carrying three passengers. The driver will be seated at the center. That seat configuration makes it usable for both left-hand and right-hand drivers. The total weight of the car is only 800 kilograms. The model has an option, either to be powered electrically or with a petrol engine. The flexibility of the frame structure allows the vehicle to meet easily the different market conditions and customer demands. The model included the elements of Ford’s “kinetic design”. Kinetic design according to Ford officials is simply energy in motion. The contingent from Aachen University constructed the ideal design of 2015 Model T has an estimated base price of $6,780. No doubt they claimed this year’s event.