Another Creation… Another Lifestyle

Watch out for March 2009, since another ground-breaking sedan will make its way to the China market! Along with European launch, Chevrolet Cruze is scheduled to enter china market. It may contribute to the history of sedans created by General Motors (GM). It was also confirmed by the Chinese media, that Chevy Cruze will made its way to Guangzhou. Later, it will be sold in China and distinguished as Shanghai GM locally made sedan.

Chevrolet Cruze aside from having four doors, it also has striking design. Said design is a mixture of smooth planes accorded with sharp lines. Handsome Chevy Cruze was created in return. When it comes to lights, Chevy Cruze’s tail and head lights are camouflaged-ensconced. Plus, interior design is inviting and relaxing. But that was only the design. When it comes to cargo capacity, it can handle up to five passengers. Add to that the bold style cues that come with arching rooflines. Moreover, its rear pillars that are sloping result to lean profile, plus give the rear deck a neat style.

Chevy Cruze shines at the Paris show from the moment it was unveiled. While it shines in Paris, it will soon explore China highway. Aside from that European Cruze has also its own design and specifications. Its gasoline engines are 1.6L and 1.8 L. Plus, it has turbo engine of 2L. Hence, choices in transmission are five-speed or six-speed manual.

As a whole, GM designed Chevrolet Cruze to acquire global design. Its engineering team will also create said sedans in several locations worldwide. Simply, it is a re-interpretation of old sedan. Watch out for this GM creation. Who knows you might own one! If that happens, you can prove to your self the innovation and change the Chevy Cruze brings. It is another creation to hit the highway… another lifestyle!

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