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Back in 3500 BC in Mesopotamia, a very significant invention along mechanical arena was created─ the wheel. It is believed to be the most important invention that led to more sophisticated and modern inventions. In fact, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution almost every invention includes wheel/s. The idea of symmetry and circular motion has changed invention and lifestyle for years. From simple to complex invention, almost all have rotating components. Wheels have evolved from clay tablets used in ancient times, wood, and today’s modern wheels. But, wheels seen on vehicles nowadays are made of alloy, aluminum, metal, etc. Thus, Hummer H3 is unique.

As discussed earlier, Hummer is distinct from today’s vehicles since due to its wheel. What’s so important with its wheels? They are wooden wheels. Who says that wooden wheels are not good for today’s modernization? Well, Matthew Harrison, an artist unveiled his project at the zoo art fair. It is the new Hummer H3. It is a combination of off-road vehicle design and ‘Wild West’ wheels. Basically, they are created and sculptured to show real mixture of art and engineering.

The artist of Hummer, in behalf of Limoncello, is going to hold an exhibit of a gallery and this will happen in East London. Said exhibit will be featuring works from several art talents worldwide. The exhibit will surely be exciting and memorable. It is in said event that one may see a real vehicle running with old wheel concept─ the wooden wheel. Such creation showed that even in the modern world, one can create an invention unique from others. Thus, it is not only the concept of uniqueness rather, the concept of giving importance to prior inventions. As a whole, Hummer H3 is indeed a work of art mixed with today’s concept of modern auto. What a great mix! Don’t get surprised if one day you’ll see auto with wooden wheels running on the streets.

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