Nissan GT-R: Tradition and Modernization

Lots of car manufacturers are launching their new makes and models. Almost all launching features new and more sophisticated cars. Chevrolet, Renault, General Motors, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and many more manufacturers have made their launchings and debut. With that, Nissan Motor Co,. Ltd. will also exhibit its new Nissan GT-R. It is modeled to be a quarter scale. It is considered as part of “The Spirit of Harmony and Japanese Design Today”. Said exhibit will last from Oct. 22, 2008 –January 31, 2009. It is actually an exhibit in Paris. The organizers of said event are the Japan Foundation and the Association of Japan Cultural Institute in Paris. 61 product designs will be featured that are coming from Japan. There are 12 categories namely tableware, furniture, information, kitchen items, toys, home electronics, stationary, outfits, vehicles, bags, bath items, sundries, and lighting apparatus. However, the exhibition will not only be held in Paris. Rather, it will also be held in Hungary, Germany, and other parts of Europe.

Nissan GT-R is a reflection of Japan tradition along with modern design. It is greatly reflected on the traditional Nissan GT-R. The modern GT-R was uncovered last Oct. 2007 at the Tokyo. This coming 2009 particularly in spring season, GT-R will be on sale in Europe. In fact, there are preordered made─ 2, 226 units. But what are the probable reasons why orders reached that much?

Customers will not order GT-R if they are not satisfied with its looks, specifications, and of course the price. To give and overview, Nissan GT-R is along the line of sports car. It is powered by VR38DETT engine. Its forced induction came from two parallel turbochargers. Specifically, these turbochargers are Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries or simply IHI. It can produce 480 bhp (360kW) at 3200-5200 rpm. It can also produce 416 hp (310kW) up to 475 hp (354kW). Aside from that, GT-R’s engine passed the California Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV).

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