Renault Collection

Renault is found along the automotive arena. It has created several models for years. Now, Renault announced that they are releasing another from its collections─ the Modus Tech’Run and Grand Modus Tech’Run.

They are limited editions from Renault that deliver innovation and change. They are carriers of driving pleasure, and driving one of them will make you realize the importance and convenience of low fuel consumption. How do they differ from other makes or models? Both the Modus Tech’Run and Grand Modus Tech’Run can be put in the pedestal due to their unique exterior and interior features. Its exterior features include complete set of lights designed to fit Renault’s tastes and creations. Fog lamp has the most distinct feature among all their lights. When it comes to body color, they are painted with metallic paints with lower bumper strips. Of course, never set aside the one who make them roll─ the wheels. Wheels are aluminum alloy that measure 15 inches.

Modus Tech’Run and Grand Modus Tech’Run are not just stylish and unique. They are also among the line up of eco-friendly vehicles. They belong to that line up due to their low fuel consumption, which means low emission. Their TCe 100 engine is a response in the continuing crisis in gasoline and fuel. Said engine is also capable of having 1.6 (145Nm) torque. The 1,149cc power plant boasts power output of 74 kW or its equivalent, 1.4L engine. Specifically, the fuel consumption has rate of5.9L per 100 km. Thus, the emission only ranges from 140g/km.

Thanks to Renault for creating Modus Tech’Run and Grand Modus Tech’Run. They are really economical, convenient, and eco-friendly! Owning any of the two may free you from the burden of high gasoline / diesel cost. Plus, you can be a part of the ‘save the Earth’ campaign by merely driving any of Modus Tech’Run and Grand Modus Tech’Run.