Style for 2009: Lifestyle Selection 2009 by Mercedes Benz

For 2009, Mercedes Benz is expected to promote an exclusive line of products that is sure to catch the fancy of the style-oriented, the fashion-focused and the guys who seek practicality. It’s the Lifestyle Selection 2009.

The car manufacturer recently just launched the preview for this line of accessories.  This newest baby coming from well-known Mercedes Benz feature the typical designs found in every Mercedes Benz products and added a few more features and twists. To bring out the best in their new line of products, the Lifestyle Selection 2009 incorporated the latest fashion shades. Here we are talking about shades of grey, silver, anthracite and twilight blue.

If you think that these products are all style and no substance, well think again. This new line of products from Mercedes Benz is practical as well. The line comes complete with accessories that can meet the discerning demands of both men and women. You have here the stylish leather hand bag and a cool selection of well-selected personal accessories that also include your trench coat. This new Business Fashion line incorporates the basics in style so that the line can offer the perfect look. Accessories are like these are expected not only to bring satisfaction to the businessman and the managers around, but will surely catch the fancy as well of those who seek and know their style.

A number of accessories that are included on the line up are geared towards the chic women. Take the elegant leather handbag that is crafted in soft nubuck leather.

The needs of the fashionable mean weren’t forgotten. Tank tops in anthracite color are offered and the straight-cut, six button silver grey cardigan is offered as well. Leather gloves are offered as well and these come in sizes 8.5 to 9.5. Many stylish Mercedes accessories to choose from and they are all waiting and available at your nearest Mercedes-Benz partner shops.