Hit The Road With M-Class 4Matic SUV and Get That Sporty And Posh Look

Aside from the B-Class makeover, Mercedes-Benz has also conducted a thorough improvement of the M‑Class. This type of automobile is the pioneer SUV that with the touch of elegance in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. The new M-Class 4MATIC SUV has evolved and now gifted with additional elegance and sporty character. It has a five-seat configuration and provides a spacious room for baggage.

It’s not the usual M-Class. The new M-Class has set the new standard for future SUVs to come. It has dynamic characteristic, stylish and sporty architecture. It offers excellent driving performance both on and off-road and feel comfortable while riding on it. The interior is composed of high quality materials that are very stylish. For that sporty look, the seats have been design to serve that purpose. Its safety features are remarkable as well. It has optional features that can be added. One feature is the Parktronic(TM) that comes with a camera which may help drivers to find a parking space to fit their car in.

The 4MATIC SUV is equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission and can manage automatic 4MATIC all-wheel drive. While other car manufacturers offer some features as optional, the new M-Class offer these features as standard. It has an airbag system in the front for the passenger and driver, and curtain bags and sidebags are provided in the rear. Moreover, there are four available models in the ML-class. The ML320 BlueTEC is capable of generating 210 horsepower and is powered by a V6 engine that runs in diesel. The ML350 has the ability to generate 268 horsepower and is powered by a V6 gasoline engine.

Fuel efficiency is observed in the M-Class. It’s engines are very powerful are very fuel-efficient. Either you are on or off-road, the performance of the M-Class is very exceptional.

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