The Shifting Of The B-Class Into An environment Friendly Car

Mercedez Benz a leading manufacturer of automobiles has kept it prestige over the years. People from Mercedes Benz have been perfecting the well-crafted design and architecture of B-Class model. The makeover will be focusing primarily on environment contribution aspect by reducing or completely eliminate emission. Economic efficiency by conceptualizing to invest in engines that consume less fuel. One of the improvements made is that it can burn a small amount of fuel with the use of four-cylinder engines. This development resulted in remarkable markdown of emissions to the environment. Technology also made its way in the upgrading of the vehicles. Finding a suitable parking lot and maneuvering into it seemed hard for most drivers, thanks to the all-new Active parking that will guide drivers in parking their cars.

The B-class model has been transformed into a sporty design saloon with four doors. It has added features like spacious interior and the safety mechanisms installed in it. Truly, Mercedez Benz created the B-Class an image of a versatile mini MPV.

The new gorgeous exterior of a B-Class model has a bumper modification. It looks like the front is broader which implies the powerful attribute of B-class more clearly. Elegant design had been applied on the sides, giving it with that prestige look as it passes by.

It comes along with an option to choose petrol or diesel technology, namely: B 180 CDI–four-cylinder engine that runs in diesel, B 200–four-cylinder engine that runs in petrol, and B 200 Turbo–four-cylinder engine that runs in petrol. The advantage of diesel engine over petrol engine is that the former consumes less fuel compared to the latter. The B-Class is environment friendly. Its high quality major components are made up of recycled plastics while  other components are made from organic materials like flax, wood veneer , cotton, coconut fiber, wood veneer and abaca banana fibers.