Will The SX4 Beat The Crossovers?

With the popular demand for crossover vehicles, you might think you need to get one. Recently, car manufacturers around the world are attempting to make a crossover that looks like an SUV but smaller in size. Perhaps, the search is over because the new 2008 Suzuki SX4 conquers all of those characteristics. It acquires that sporty look on a sedan. It comes in a hatchback and sedan styles. Both styles have four doors.

The SX4 appeared in 2007. It is a five-door car with 2.0-liter engine and has a 143 horsepower capability. All other features are standards such as the CD player that can play up to six discs, audio controls located in the leather-covered steering wheel and keyless entry

Known as one of the leader in giving new innovations to customers, Suzuki intends to add Garmin navigation systems, Bluetooth connectivity and gas locator to the SX4. These entire features will come standard. That’s totally fantastic.

Aside from those new features, the SX4 will come with the standard features like a player that can play CD and MP3, keyless entry and other accessories. Moreover, the SX4 comes with a Touring Package that offers climate control and a nice audio system with nine speakers.

Although it is small, it possesses that sporty character of a crossover. As regards to the safety of this car, it does not have four-star ratings but five-star ratings on safety. Moreover, maintain stable driving through inclement weather using the all-wheel drive. The car is equipped with curtain airbags located in the side and airbags fro the driver and the passenger in front.

Hit the road with its 16-inch alloy wheels and still feel comfortable even on bumpy roads. Also included in the standard features are traction and stability control, and anti-lock brakes. Have a terrific fun while driving the SX4.

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