Meet The Suzuki Zuk

Suzuki has had quite a range of sportsbikes which has surely been able to deliver and deliver really well. These motorbikes have been known all around the world and have been the most chosen ones by those who compete. And with that, the Suzuki Motor Company has decided to still bring the Suzuki sportbike spirit right in the vehicles that they create. And the product of that is the Suzuki Zuk.

The Suzuki Zuk is actually a concept vehicle. Aside from taking inspiration from those Suzuki sportsbikes, the ride has also taken much ideas from the Suzuki SX4 which is a crossover. The result though is the Suzuki Zuk which shows off a real good idea of being able to function well and function according to what the driver demands.

For power, this concept car comes with an engine that is able to deliver 300 units of horsepower. This engine unit has 2.0 liters of displacement, is turbocharged, and is intercooled. It also comes with an alcohol injection system which provides the ride and even better performance. To be able to work really well and even better than most cars on the streets right now, Suzuki has provided the Suzuki Zuk with an engine that is top notch especially when mated to a manual transmission of five speeds.

The Suzuki Zuk is an all wheel drive vehicle. Drivers says that this one has really good handling features. This concept vehicle has been given a blue paint that is metallic in hue and has carbon fiber team collaboration tools. It also rolls from one destination to another using alloy wheels that measure 19 inches and these are wrapped around in the best high performing tires there is in the market.

Inside the ride, you would be able to feel more of its power and you would really be able to say that it is based from the best motorcycles that the world has known.