What’s Under The Hood of Lexus IS-F?

If you’ll take a glance on the new 2008 Lexus IS-F, you’ll surely say that it doesn’t have something new compared to the IS. But take a look under the hood and amaze yourself with a V8 engine that has a capability of 416 horsepower. Moreover, you must notice that everything in the car bears the F mark.

Take a look in the rear and see some exhaust pipes that are similar to the IS250. In the interior, there are comfortable seats available that can support you even on a sharp curve. There’s a spacious legroom inside for two persons. Also, you can load up your bulky stuffs on the trunk.

The V8 engine is very impressive on sports cars. In that case, that makes IS-F sporty. You can drive the car automatically. However, if you choose to drive it manually, there are the paddle shifters in which you can change shift in manual mode instantly.

Get that ambiance of Lexus pride when you start the engine. Witness the serenity and calmness of those robust engines. Moreover, remain that silence even you hit the gas and totally accelerate. You can attain the maximum speed of 170 mph and it’s really fast. Surely you don’t want to get a ticket out of over speeding. So be still, don’t over exercise the power of your IS-F.

The IS-F is built with 19-inch alloy wheels colored in black. Well that took care of the sophisticated look. Alloy wheels are built to improve the steering and speed of your car. These are excellent heat conductors that reduce the chance of brake failure in any driving conditions.

Although the price of the new Lexus IS-F is expensive, surely you’ll think you made a great deal while you are driving in it. So the next time you see a car that looks ordinary to you, try to look under the hood and be captivated.